学舎長 大滝 令嗣

Welcome to Nanso Gakusha !

Nanso Gakusha is a place of learning and development for all business and social leaders. The undisturbed, unique and historical environment offers the ideal environment in which to advance and evolve leadership skills – setting you firmly on the right path forward. Nanso Gakusha’s expert facilitators offer a variety of leadership programs covering their respective fields of expertise.

Located in the Minami Bouso area in the prefecture of Chiba, Nanso Gakusha has a proud 280 year history of being a functioning ‘Kominka’ – traditional Japanese farmhouse with a Japanese tea room. Recently renovated, it retains its aged beauty and a unique historical charm. The facility is able to host small, specialized groups whose participants can take a variety of bespoke leadership programs.

Reiji OHTAKI, Ph.D., Dean