Nanso Gakusha is a learning centre in every sense of the word;
nestled deep in the mountains of Minamiboso; the southern region of the Chiba peninsula, Japan,
and is a place at which one can expand one’s world view, develop new skills and awareness,
and regain a much-needed connection to nature.

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Located in Yamada, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture, this Minamiboso Gakusha is an old folk house with a tea room with a history of 280 years. It has been reborn as a facility that can carry out various leadership programs for a small number of people while retaining the old appearance as much as possible. With the power of this “place” with a history of 280 years, we will do our utmost to support you in growing into an excellent leader.

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<Self-leadership learned from the teachings of nomads>

Utilizing the facilities of Nanso Gakusha and its natural surroundings, participants use allegory and metaphor to understand with deeper clarity their own path in life. In the process of identifying and visualizing what they really want to hunt, protect, and grow, participants will gain a fresh way to look at life, leadership, and what’s important