Introducing the facility

Introducing the facility


Nanso Gakusha

This old farm house, named Nanso Gakusha, was built in 1738 by a local farmer, Iyemon, who acquired the land. Despite the area being difficult to farm on, Iyemon developed rice fields, and kept livestock in this mountainous area called “Nigorizawa”. The descendants of Iyemon, who employed many local workers, later took the surname ‘Kawana’ and prospered for 13 generations. Local historical records show that their lineage produced many local leaders such as the village heads and school teachers.



This is the tearoom ‘Tesshinan’, next to the main building of Nanso Gakusha. The house, which used to be an old stable, has been transformed into a full-functioning tearoom. We named it Tesshinan, meaning ‘a place where you can focus your mind, free yourself of stressful distractions and become a more virtuous person.”


We hold regular tea ceremonies at Nodate, in which one can enjoy tea outdoors while immersed in the deep nature of Nanso Gakusha.

Please come and experience the tea ceremony as an artform where one can experience the ceremony’s purpose, philosophy and unique energy.

Komorebi Stage

This exciting mountain-side stage placed deep in the forest, in front of which an audience sits along natural wooden seating, offers a unique experience to for all. Both the stage and the seating area utilise the natural architecture of the land to build life-long memories and visually spectacular events.

This is open to all: amateurs and professionals and is an ideal location to share stories, perform plays, perform music, gives lectures or talks or even hold special ceremonies.

Forest Classroom

A special place for learning, deep in nature, nestled in the forest of Mt. Yatsufusa

This is a nurturing space in which one can share ideas and dialogue while surrounded by trees in the forest.

This open-air, immersive environment is perfect for mental stimulation, deep and open discourse, and is ideal for fostering innovation and creative thinking.

The Mountain Trail

Immerse yourself in the mountains

This is a trail that both children and adults can enjoy covering approximately 3.3 hectares of forest in Nanso Gakusha.

In addition to this family-friendly trail we have nature classes, camping, and other events.

Trail-based outdoor activities are often used in our leadership programmes.

Follow the trail to experience a variety of unique locations: from ‘View Point’ to ‘Camp Site One’; passing through ‘Stump Point’, ‘Frog Rock’, ‘Komorebi (sunbeam) plaza’,‘Forest Classroom’, ‘Komorebi Stage’’.

Can you find the 8 hidden glass treasures on your journey which are named after the 8 mystical dogs featured in the folkloric tale ‘Nanso Satomi Hakkenden’, set in this area?

Camping at Nanso Gakusha

Garden Camping

Spend the night under the stars on the comfort of lawn next to the main house. This is ideal for those with kids or those require access to facilities.

Woodland Camping

Immerse yourself in the depths of Mt.Yatsufusa’s cedar forest to escape the buzz of modern life. This is perfect for those looking to disconnect, meditate on the beauty of nature and detoxify from the pressures of urban life.