Territory mapping

Territory mapping

Self-leadership learned from the teachings of nomads
※Target:Those who have lost sight of themselves from being too busy to incrementally reflect on their life’s direction and purpose.


In collaboration with the Nomadic School of Business and Nanso Gakusha ,
“Territory Mapping” was developed byBritish adventurer Anthony Willoughby, a pioneer of outdoor training, and can be taken in Japanese.

Territory Mapping at Nanso Gakusha

Utilizing the facilities of Nanso Gakusha and its natural surroundings, participants use allegory and metaphor to understand with deeper clarity their own path in life.

In the long history of mankind, people have evolved by understanding and adapting to their raison d’etre.

However, as civilization develops, society is controlled by power, wealth, and status, and people I don’t know who I am. ”

Excerpt from an interview with Anthony Willoughby

Course Methodology

Participants are encouraged to draw a map of their own life as represented by a real life map in which they must identify what they hunt,
who they need in order to build a community and the areas of potential peril or restriction: rivers, mountains, swamps and so on.
The simplicity of this human understanding enables participants to rethink their current path and understand better the actions they must take to obtain better agency in their life.

The scenic environment of Nanso Gakusha provides the ideal backdrop for this activity in which self-reflection is the key component of development and clarity of direction.

Program flow

Preparing for the trip

・Trail waliking

Goals & Objectives: Defining your QUEST
Introduction to the Founder: Anthony Willoughby

・The journey of life and 10 icons
・Meet Anthony on zoom

Obstacles, challenges & threats
Relationships and resources (visible / invisible)
Drawing your own territory map
Territory mapping: Sharing and Self-reflection
Individual feedback and coaching at Teshinan

・Group Feedback and Pair Coaching

State of the program and voice of the experiencer